Euroweek 2019


Volunteers visited this year schools in Turzovka, Čadca, Milošová, Čierne, Svrčinovec, Klokočov, Rudina, Oščadnica, Staškov, Korňa and Podvysoká.

The main idea of Euroweek is to show students different counties, their culture and traditions. Volunteers prepare a presentation of country, basic facts, interesting facts, show their birth town and also traditional food.

Students have an opportunity to ask what interests them. Whether the favourite colour or how they like Slovakia. 

In the end, volunteers take students out of school desks and play various games and activities.  

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Information meetings for EVS


Anybody, thinking of becoming an EVS volunteer needs to come to the information meeting to find out detailed info about EVS and our current projects all over the world.


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